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December 02, 2008


Darbi Luzzi

Thank you so much for posting this beautiful speech/article about my Dad on your website. Reading it was a reminder of how much of an impact he made throughout his life and how much we miss him. I always think of how unfair it is to have lost him so soon, especially for my brother being so young. But then I read an article like this and it puts things into a different perspective. He suffered for too long and now he is in a better place watching over us. Thank you for keeping his memory alive and have a Happy and Healthy Holiday season!

Joe C.

Dear Darbi,
I know how proud your Dad was of all his children. Yes, his memory will always be alive, and as you follow in his footsteps, you will be guaranteed of seeing him again. My best regards to your Mom, sisters, and Jason for a blessed Christmas season.
Joe Cervasio

Ted Del Guercio

I must assume that the above article about Richie just hasn't been seen by enough people. Surely the comments woud be in the thousands because what Joe Cervasio wrote,is all true. I moved from Newark to Belleville in 1958. Make no mistake, I was much younger than Richie but I did play football later for Belleville as my brother richie did before me. Both of us played quaterback.Richie was a hero to all of us. He was all of the things mentioned above. Humble,athletic and one thing always noticed. Always good with the younger kids in town who idolized him. You know, I must say that in the history of Belleville it seems that this group ,Richie,Chick Puleo,Joe Cervasio,Jim Orsini,etc,clearly had to be if not the best,then certainly one of the best group of kids in Belleville history!! When I heard of Rich's passing I was shocked. A young man.Typical Hig School story whom I might add lost a daughter if I am correct. I am 56 years old now and you here of some that have gone. I didn't know Doc Ellis died. A tremendous young man.I have three sons of my own. One is an attorney with Frank Pomaco in Belleville. I feel good that I have my blood back to where I grew up. There were many great memories back then and Richie Luzzi was the best EVER that Belleville had to give!!! I might add that Joe Cervasio was really ahead of his time in his intellect and maturity. A great guy who always had time for us younger guys!! Jim Orsini's story is a great one. I remember Jim coaching Belleville why going to school and calling me a punk which is precisely what I was.Today Jim is an oncologist at Clara Maas which I am sure you all know. In ending. Thanks Joe Cervasio. I am happy I was fortunate enough to run into this article. As we have become older and those of us see our children and grandchildren grow up we can only hope(and I mean this) that they could be as fine a young man as Richie was. Sincerly ed del Guercio Jr.

Ted Del Guercio

Of course I knew I forgot the most important thing of all. I am so glad to hear that Richie gave his life to the Lord.This,more than any other,only enhances Richie's legacy forever. It is nice to know I will see him again in his walk with our Lord!!! Ted Del Guercio Jr.

joe cervasio

Teddy, how well I remember you and your God-given talent in football and baseball. And, of course, my Dad Rocky always spoke of your Father as one of Newark's greatest baseball players!
So glad to hear of the success of your boys and the role the Lord plays in your life.
Stay in touch. Yes, we miss Richie, Chickie, and the rest of the Bellboys who have gone on to their eternal reward. But, as you know, we will see them again. And thanks for the kind words.

Go Bellboys, go Bucs,

Joe cervasio


This article by Joe Cervasio honoring Richie Luzzi is absolutely touching. Regardless if you bleed Belleville Blue, everybody should read this in honor of the great #22.

Alex Flor

joseph r. cervasio

Alex, thanks for taking the time to read our tribute to Rich Luzzi and his buddies of that great 1962 team. Indeed, that 8-1 season broke barriers for many, and the guys from that group are still impacting many around the world today. All because of a HS Football Season?? Absolutely. Be well, stay in touch.
Joe Cervasio

Joe Taibi

From Joe Taibi, Class of "70"
I'll never forget a Father/Son event at #4 School and the Impact that guest speaker "Rich Luzzi" made on all of us. a few years later, we had the honor of being coached by Rich on Jolly Cleaners.
I'm proud to have known Rich Luzzi, I was with him during practices with the Jersey Jays, he was one of my Heros!

joe cervasio

Joe, are you Sal's brother? I remember him well for his great contributions to Belleville baseball as a pitcher. And, you are right about the "impact" Richie Luzzi made on us all.
Stay in touch,
Joe Cervasio

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