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April 08, 2008



Joe- Excited to see you have a new book...when is the next time we could sit in rocking chairs in Lancaster, PA and discuss the lessons of life? I am in Hawai'i with a beautiful 4-year-old son, would love to catch up. All the best, Mac

joe cervasio

Hey, Mac:

So good to hear from you. A little "Mac" vacationing with his family in Hawaii? Man, that's a long way from his Daddy T/O'ing late on winter Sunday nights at Circle M, cleaning up the chicken scraps from his 400 pound sales director, Gil Braud. Yes, the second book is now being marketed to publishers by Dr. Ken Atchity. After several rewrites and edits we patiently await some good news. Be well, stay in touch, ... man, I can just smell that spring rain headin' to Lancaster, Pa. as you and I rock in those ol' chairs, thankin' the Lord we made it this far.

God bless,

Joe C. back in Jersey

Mike Finley

We need to change your email address on the blog. But I am not sure which address to use.

Joe C.

Dear Mike:

Yes, all can now get me at [email protected] I will make the necessary change at the blog.

As you know, with the imminent distribution of Now or Never: The 11 Secrets of Arimathea, I look forward to your help with a new website, book-signing and speaking dates, public relations,the movie advertisement, etc.

Mike, stand by.

Joe Cervasio

Rita Berardi

Hi Joe:
Good program on Voice America earlier. I enjoyed hearing you speak. I will getting your book Now or Never. Thanks for the reminder to "Surrender". Being in Real Estate Sales we need to hear that.Regards to your family and Pete.......
Rita Berardi

Joe C.

Rita, thanks for listen to Aldonna Ambler's radio show featuring Now or Never: The 11 Secrets of Arimathea. She is a trusted consultant who has advised me and my colleagues in the past.
Yes, the Secret of Surrender is a profound one, sometime a bit slippery for achievers like us to accept. But I learned it from many seeking their destiny of performance excellance, way back when in the tough resort real estate business you were a teammate in.
Stay tuned for more about the book that should be available by early September. Hope to see you at a book signing!

God bless,

Joe Cervasio

Rita Berardi

Thanks Joe:Just let me know where and when.
Much Luck and Many Blessings.....

Rita Berardi

Happy Birthday!

ohio dermotologist

There is nothing i can say. Awesome blog!

Christian Book Publisher

Thanks Joe: great to see you've got a new book. Much Luck and Many Blessings.....

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