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July 11, 2006



I agree with you, I feel that anyone can be a leader at any point in time. I think people are more apt to becoming a leader in a situation they are most comfortable in or where their level of expertise makes them confident enough to rise to leadership role.

Here is an article on msn I found that discusses this same topic. There are some interesting comments made in there. Here is my favorite. "You're not born to be a leader any more than you're born to be an architect or a doctor," says Cronin.

Read this site. http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/Departments/elearning/?article=CanLeadershipBeLearned


Prospective leaders have to make that choice of whether they want to lead or not, but they often are cultivated by other leaders. I personally think that many "leaders" are drawn in or made to be. It is not until they are in it for a while that the choice truly comes into play. I know that many times I find myself just kind of put in the leader position by the people I work with. What I do with it at that point is up to me.
I know you will argue that I made the choice when I first walked in the door, deciding that I would be the best that I could be and hope that kind of attitude would creep into others. Maybe that is true, but that is not so much about wanting to lead as wanting to be great within myself and my work and having a desire to work with other like-minded people.
Team-builder, coach, cheerleader? Maybe. I like to think of myself as a quarterback. Not necessarily the leader, but the person who must perform and help others to perform as well. Maybe I am the waterboy or the trainer. Hey, I am the trainer. Now it all makes sense.

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